Recently a few of my colleagues launched a new podcast and website geared toward edu-tainment. Normally, I create all of the web-presence for my projects from the ground up but for this one I wanted to try something a little different. Specifically, I wanted to try a pre-built template and just build on top of that, mostly because I was pretty slammed with some other projects and wanted to get something up quickly. What I learned is that there are some really solid theme’s for WordPress that give you a lot of assume tools already, but if you’re savvy with some coding know-how you can actually make a near-custom site very quickly.

I chose a free theme called Sydney and then created a child theme to incorporate a few specific features and design elements I needed. All in all I was able to get a pretty snazzy site up and running within just a couple of days. And what’s cool about using WordPress if at any point I want to make a fully custom theme I can with relative ease in the future.

Check it out at