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Hello, my name is Nate Abdo – Don’t worry, that’s about as formal as I get. As this site suggests I’m a digital creator. Truly, I have a passion for effective design and I strive to make things every day with that in mind. With good design, I believe we can change the world for the better. It’s not just about making things look better or work efficiently(er). It’s about thinking intensely about how and why things are the way they are.

Design the world, save the world.

My background is in journalism and technology. I graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication (yes, the title’s quite the mouthful) in 2010. Since then I’ve worked as a reporter, a content writer, a tech consultant, a video editor and a freelance designer. While all that was happening I had full-time job at Apple Inc., most recently as a Lead Genius. Like I said earlier, I genuinely love making things; whether I’m sitting at a computer putting 1’s and 0’s in the right spot or rolling up my sleeves and getting my actual hands dirty in the garage. My speciality is mobile-first web design and copy writing, but I’m a capable logo-slash-branding creator and motion graphics designer as well. Feel free to peruse my site and please reach out if I can help you get to the next step of your creation needs.


Lead Genius

Apple Store
Scottsdale, AZ

2014 - 2019

Content Writer

Kim Komando Show
Phoenix , AZ

2010 - 2011

Assistant Video Editor

The Arizona Republic
Phoenix, AZ

2009 - 2010

General Manager

State Press TV
Tempe, AZ

2008 - 2010

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