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T-Salon Business Cards

Here’s another example of how I presented the finalized logo to client for T-Salon. Of course, a logo is meant to be the visual representation of your company, so I always try to show what the finalized logo would look like on something as ubiquitous as a business card. After all, if you’re the client this is probably something you’ll be handing out to everyone. So, it’s got to look awesome on six-foot banner or a three-inch card.

T-Salon Logo (stylized)

This is the stylized version of the logo for T-Salon. We used it as an eye-grabbing image to display a web page header, etc. I also wanted to sue this to show the client how the logo could be incorporated into a lot of different media. As in this example it’s an old-school neon sign that could be used inside or outside the salon.

T-Salon Logo

In addition to the website for T-Salon I also created the logo for the salon as well. The client wanted something that would fit in well with the industrial and stylish decor she was choosing for her salon. While I was designing the logo I wanted to make something that could easily be adapted to whatever medium the client might need: a large sign, small cards, promotional stickers or flyers, etc. With that, I chose a simple type logo with some embellishments. I also wanted to give the logo a bit of movement with a slight angle upward and an exaggerated swoop MORE 2016

This is the site I’ve created for myself – it’s the one you’re perusing right now in fact. I try to remake my site every four years at least in an effort to learn a new skill or implement a new technique. I hope you like the latest iteration. I designed it with a few things in mind: Make it easily updatable – I wanted to make sure I could add new work to it as I completed projects Show case the content in a very efficient and appealing way simplify, simplify, simplify – I will say I typically take a MORE

More Pretty Please – Blog

More Pretty Please is a beauty blog with a focus on easy-to-do make up at home for everyone. Truth be told, the creator is my very talented wife, Maggie. She wanted something that would let her focus less on the upkeep and more on the content. She also wanted something that was very accessible but still stylish. With that in mind, I made it with a strong emphasis on mobile design and video integration. At it’s foundation it’s built using WordPress for robust functionality and Bootstrap for seamless responsiveness. Check out her blog at

T-Salon – Website

This is a website I created for a local hairstylist who was opening her own salon. She wanted something simple but easily updatable. I built it using WordPress so she could dynamically add more to it as her business needs grew or changed. It features a mobile-friendly splash page that can instantly take users to the most important sections but also includes deeper content that can be accessed using the more complex menu.